Class 4

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In history this term we will be looking at Ancient Maya society. The Maya lived in parts of Central America from 2000 BC to 900 AD.  We started off our topic by learning the game pok-ta-pok. This was one of the earliest ball games ever invented. The Maya’s played on a court that was a T shape about 100m long and 30m wide. There were also small stone hoops to ty and get the ball through.  The tricky part? According to the rules, you could only touch the ball with your elbows, hips and knees! You weren’t allowed to use your hands at all. We did what we could to recreate the game in the hall.



Pok-ta-pok was a really significant part of Maya culture and was often shown in paintings and sculptures. ‘The game was really good to play and I would like to play it more’ said Oliver while Matthew thought ‘it was difficult but fun too!’




Playing pok-ta-pok was a really fun introduction to our new history topic and we are all looking forward to learning more about the Maya this term.


Art Exhibition and Lantern Making


We have been very creative in Class 4 this term. Inspired by our trip to the Tate Modern and the Giacometti exhibition in September, we have been working hard with Mrs Costello to create our own works of art. We are all really proud of the pieces we have produced and think our art is of a high standard! We were proud to display it in the YHPS Art Exhibition on 23rd of November and very encouraged by all the positive feedback we received. You can see some examples below.




Last Monday we had a fantastic break from our classroom routine. Together with Class 3, we spent the day at the Yardley Arts centre making lanterns. It was a great opportunity for us to learn new skills, work together and do something different and creative. Under the instruction of local artists Simon Tipping and Clare Abbat, we made lanterns in the shape of angels. This was quite a complicated process as we needed to bend and shape the willow frame before covering our creations in paper and latex glue.


‘It was quite tricky but it was fun too’ said Heather. While Harley enthused ‘It was fantastic!’



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