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Space Centre Trip!


Wow! What a super day Class 4 had last week. We took a trip to the National Space Centre in Leicester. This trip linked really well with our Space topic and, as an added bonus, took place during British Science Week! It was also great to have time to get to know some children from Denton and to make new friends.

Our day started with a tour of the night sky at the UK’s largest planetarium. It was amazing to see what the Earth looks like from space and to get up close to the International Space Station as well as planet Mars! The children all agreed that this experience really furthered their knowledge of our solar system and galaxy.

After this, we had time to explore the six galleries – all of which were very hands-on and interactive. We also climbed the 144 steps necessary to reach the top of the 42m high Rocket Tower!

We all took part in a ‘Life in Space’ interactive workshop. We were able to conduct experiments which furthered our understanding of how astronauts survive in the harsh environment of space. In particular, we explored why each of the different layers of a space suit are necessary to protect the astronaut and how they perform when astronauts are carrying out a spacewalk. We worked out why losing pressure in a space suit was life-threatening and thought about the hazards represented by micrometeorites.


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