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Making a Morse Code

As part of our work on World War Two, we have learnt about the importance of the use of coded messages for communication during the War and how breaking these coded messages was an important part of the Allied victory.  In class today, we used our recently acquired scientific knowledge and skills to design and make a machine that could be used to send secret messages using light, sound or a combination of the two.  Firstly, we worked in small groups to design and draw a labelled diagram of the circuit we would create for our machine.  We then drew a circuit diagram using the appropriate scientific symbols for each of the components.  After this we created our machine and tested that it worked by trying to send messages using Morse Code to each other. We worked successfully as a team and appreciated the resilience it must have taken the codebreakers during the war!

Class 4 Curriculum Information

The link below shows the Year 5 and Year 6 Curriculum video.

Below are the Questions and Answers from the evening,

Year 5 & 6 Curriculum Evening Question & Answer 

Q.The tests seem a lot harder than they were a few years ago, if your child is not at the expected standard of 100, what does that mean?

A: Firstly, the standard of SATS has risen significantly in the last few years. If they do not get the expected scaled score, then the secondary school will pick up from the point at which they are. They will not have to re-sit. Additionally, children can have a bad day - we have conversations with the secondary school and pass on the standard at which we have assessed them throughout the year. To reduce the pressure on the children, we will also not share the score with the children during our practice tests throughout the year, or the end result.

Q: How much weight do the results carry?

A: The Secondary schools do their own initial assessment anyway, and sets and groups are fluid when they are there. Do not worry about it. It is more of an assessment of our school rather than a judgement of your child.

Q: Will SATS take place?

A: We do not know what is around the corner but, at the moment, they are definitely scheduled to happen. There is clear momentum in The Department of Education for assessments to take place. All children though, are in the same position, and bear in mind that it is a standardised score nationally, so as the children have not been in school across the nation, the standardised score will reflect that. Please do not worry about SATs. We will work towards these steadily with the children. When the time comes, they will be well prepared and they will take place in a calm, stress-free environment. Year 6 is about so much more than SATS and, at both schools, we focus on developing the whole child in readiness for the next stage in their education; social and emotional skills feature as highly as academic ones. No child will leave either school defined by a number in a SATS score!


Q: Can the Google Classroom work be labelled?

A: It has not been set yet. Many classes are looking to use it for setting homework. Your class teacher will let you know if this is the case. It will be labelled when it has been posted.

Q: Will Google Classroom work be posted on for children who are ill?

A: We are definitely providing remote learning for children who are unable to attend school due to COVID related issues or long term illness. We are organising online work via Google and are also looking to Zoom children in to lessons. This provision is for children who are off due to COVID related absence, not for children who are absent with other illnesses, as they are deemed too poorly to be learning.

Q: Are Yardley children guaranteed to go into Wollaston?

A: There is no guaranteed admission as they are an academy. We do however have a very good relationship with Wollaston and a number of our children go there from year 6

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