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Young Leaders

Some Year 5s recently had the opportunity to participate in an all-day virtual Young Leaders event. Young Leaders are those children who have the job of increasing sports participation in our school. Lockdown has taught all of us how important it is for our mental and physical health to be active! Our morning activities were quite physical. Working in the hall, we discussed what makes a good sports leader. We talked about the desirable qualities we would like to develop and then had the opportunity to rehearse how we would lead certain events and what we could do to increase participation, fitness and fun!

In the afternoon, our session was discussion based. We talked about the components of an active school, first focusing on how we could encourage children and their families to be more active on their journeys to school. We thought about our own school and the strengths and qualities we already have as well as ways we could improve. Finally, we discussed the promotion and marketing for sport. We all feel very lucky to have been able to take part in such an interesting event and it has given us lots of ideas about how to make the most of the facilities and opportunities we have here at Yardley.


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