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Stepping back in time

As part of our topic work on World War II this half term, Class 4 have carried out lots of practical investigations. We started by looking at primary and secondary sources, including an interesting suitcase full of clues about the life of a child during the war. We then explored the invasion of Europe by Germany through a mapped playdough activity which helped us to see how the war had progressed. We are creating a class timeline from 1939 to 1945 and have reviewed lots of information about Churchill and Hitler, to look at different styles of leadership.

As scientists, we have been exploring light, and how this affected people during the Blitz. Using torches we have investigated how light travels, and how shadows are formed and change depending on the distance of the light source. This helped us to determine what happens when a variable changes during an experiment. After half term we will continue our scientific work by finding out about electricity and making a model of a torch.

We have read a number of texts about war, including those that reflect on World War II. We have written and illustrated poems about the Blitz and written stories about characters affected by war.

There are more exciting investigations to come after half term!

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