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Codebreaking at Bletchley Park

Year 5 and 6 became codebreakers for the day at Bletchley Park earlier this month. Class 4 took part in a workshop, decoding D-Day messages in morse code, and translating alphabetical codes. We all worked really hard and enjoyed the challenge!

We explored the onsite huts that formed the offices of the codebreakers at Station X (Bletchley Park’s code name during World War 2), and we were so excited to see the office of Mathematician Alan Turing, whose work on the Enigma machine we have been learning about in class. We saw a replica of the Bombe machine, which was instrumental in breaking the Enigma code, helping to shorten World War 2.

Our tour guides were extremely helpful and told us what life was like for the 9,000 strong workforce at the site during the war. Despite the rain, we all had a great day!

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