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Feeding People Fabulous Food

Class 4 were pleased to be able to welcome in members of the local community for a meal this week, as a celebration of their recent topic work on the Global Food Challenge. We used our knowledge of healthy food and food miles to design and cook a soup recipe, putting into practice what we have learnt about food safety and hygiene. There were 5 flavours of soup including some seasonal favourites such as Leek and Potato and Root Vegetable Soup. To practise a variety of cooking techniques, our meal was accompanied by bread rolls and apple crumble for dessert.  

We helped to set the school hall with table cloths and centre pieces, before taking on different roles (in the kitchen, as waiters serving food and to entertain our guests). There was some relaxing musical accompaniment to the meal, provided by our very own musicians, and we chatted to our visitors about our topic. Everyone enjoyed the food and our Café was a great success.  

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