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We Visit Nissan and Magistrates Visit Us!

We have had a busy time in Class 4!

Last Monday, we enjoyed an exciting trip to the Nissan Testing and Development Centre in Cranfield. We took part in their Monozukuri Caravan, which is a hands-on interactive workshop. We used Knex to build and race our own cars and had an opportunity to explore Nissan’s testing facility. We particularly enjoyed looking at the cars that had been used in crash testing and visiting the foam-filled room that is used to test the noisiness of cars.

We had a really interesting day learning about how cars are designed and tested and many of us have been inspired to consider STEM careers.




Later in the week, as part of PSHE, we had a visit from some magistrates. It was fascinating to hear all about the law and court system and we all learnt a lot. We then staged a mock trial. Our defendant and witnesses were very convincing and our magistrates were very fair!



Class 4 Curriculum Overview and Weekly Tasks


Weekly Tasks


(1) Spellings - These will be tested every Monday and the new spellings will be handed out to be learnt and then tested the following week.


(2) Homework – All children will have 2 homework tasks a week. Mrs Nevison's homework will be set on a Tuesday and needs to be completed and handed in on the following Monday. Mrs Rutter's homework will be set on a Thursday and needs to be handed in on the following Wednesday.


(3) Reading Records – Please ensure that you have your reading record with you in school each day and try to read at home with an adult little and often.


(4) PE – PE will be with Mr Perry on Monday afternoons and Tuesday mornings. Please make sure you have appropriate PE kit with you.


 Class Four's Curriculum Plan - Term 2 2017/18


In maths this term, we will continue our work on calculation -  we will finish our work on the formal written methods of column addition and subtraction before moving on to look at multiplication and division, including formal written methods for each of these.  Following this we will look at prime numbers and statistics.


We are enjoying exploring ‘Tuesday’ by David Wiesner and will be focusing on developing our descriptive writing skills. We will also be looking at a range of poetry which uses the literary language we are attempting to master!


We started our ICT this term by watching the animations the children had created last term - we all enjoyed these immensely.  Our e-safety lesson this term is about passwords and the importance of keeping these safe.  After this, we will be starting a unit of work on Microsoft Excel.  The Excel unit will include work on creating tables to display data and using this data to create a graph.  We will also look at using simple formulas and sorting data.


We will be concentrating on pitch with Mrs Dyson this term as well as reviewing all we have learned so far. We will also be practising songs for the Christmas production.


Mr Perry will be leading sessions on hockey during outdoor PE. During indoor sessions, he will be concentrating on ‘flight’. Children will revise and practise the five basic jumps and explore the different shapes possible from different take-off positions.


In science this term, we will finish our work on materials, including investigating which material is best to use to make a coat to protect a mountaineer from the cold.  On completion of our work on materials we will be starting our work on Earth and Space.  During this unit we will be looking at why we have day and night, the apparent movement of the Sun across the sky and the movement of the Earth in relation to the other planets in our Solar System and the Moon.


We will continue our study of Rivers and develop our ability to use 4 and 6 figure grid references. We are focusing on the River Thames and comparing it to the Danube and the Amazon.


We continue to be inspired by our visit to the Tate Modern and Giacometti exhibition and, guided by Mrs Costello, will be creating our own works of art.


We will continue to revisit and consolidate our understanding of numbers, animals, body parts, weather and birthdays. We will be learning a number of songs and rhymes and playing lots of games!


Whose World Is It? How was the world created and why should I care about it today?

We will be exploring the question about how the world was created and the issues around the relationship between humans and the environment. We will be looking at the teachings of a number of religions as well as our own beliefs. In developing our understanding of how people’s beliefs affect their actions, we will be thinking ourselves about how and why the natural world is important to us and how we can take care of it.







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