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Number Day!


Friday was ‘Number Day’ 2022.  Across the school we took part in Dress up for Digits and had a fun-filled day of maths activities, while raising money to support services such as Childline.

We played lots of maths games! These included ‘Fractions Frenzy’ where we had to work in teams to solve fractions problems and ‘Get in Shape’ where we worked together to make different shapes with our bodies. Some of these were quite a challenge! Finally, we finished the day by testing our maths problem solving skills in ‘Who Wants to be a Mathsionaire?’



Using chapter one of, ‘The Jamie Drake Equation’ by Christopher Edge, we explored the character of Jamie and the possibilities for his birthday morning. Would his dad, the famous astronaut, remember his birthday? Or, would he be so caught up in his latest mission to find evidence of alien life that he forgets his son’s special day? We used the Freeze Frame technique to create the scene of his birthday morning and then used Thought Tracking to explore the emotions of the characters. In our Action Clips we improvised the drama. Some of us thought that his dad would have forgotten and others believed he would have remembered. This led to experimenting with showing contrasting emotions using facial expressions, body language and gestures. We agreed that portraying negative emotions was easier.


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