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Global Week 2024

As part of our global week, Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure, we took part in an enterprise challenge. After investigating existing products, we designed our own bath bombs, considering scent, colour and shape. We worked in teams to create prototypes and made necessary adjustments. We enjoyed making our final designs and using our understanding of expenses, revenue, profit and loss, we agreed on pricing to ensure that we made a healthy profit as well as selling our product at a fair price.

We then investigated packaging. We agreed that using paper bags would be cost effective, practical, appealing to the customer once decorated and, most importantly, environmentally responsible.

On the day of the sale, we prepared our stall, ensuring that our customers would have easy access to all the information they needed and also making sure our bath bombs were presented in an appealing way.

We sold all of our bath bombs and our revenue totalled: £103.40.

This means that our final profit totalled: £57.58.