Class 4

Welcome to our Class 4 page!

Move Up Morning


Last Wednesday was move up morning at Yardley. This meant that we had a very full Class 4. As well as our usual Years 5 and 6, we hosted Year 4 as well! We started the day with a quiz about the school and its staff. We all enjoyed working out the anagrams that revealed the first names of our teachers!

After break, we headed to a shady spot on the playing field to continue with team building tasks. This time, we were challenged to create a road for a toy car using only 2 plastic cups, a kitchen roll tube, 15 paperclips, 10 drinking straws, some card and masking tape. Some of us found this quite tricky but we all agreed that it was a very useful way to practise working in a team.



We are all  looking forward to welcoming Year 4 into our class in September. 'I think it will be really good to get to know them better!' said Maddie.

Words of Wisdom

Our topic in RE this term is ‘Words of Wisdom’. We will be looking at Christian, Sikh and Muslim stories and reflecting on what we can learn from these teachings.

We started last week by practising stillness. We relaxed first in chairs and then lying on the floor. We were invited to think about what we had done so far that day and to think about something that had made us smile. We then shared what we thought of the experience with a partner. Most of us preferred lying down to being in a chair.

‘I feel very calm now,’ said Mackenzie afterwards.

While Cameron noted, ‘I’m not used to being so still!’


Curriculum Overviews

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