Class 4

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Teacher of the Week


This term, something very exciting has been happening in Class 4. We have introduced a slot called Teacher of the Week. This is where one Class 4 child a week is given the opportunity to share something they are passionate about with the rest of the class. For one hour, they are the teacher and our class teacher and teaching assistants must sit and listen with everyone else.



It has been a real joy to hear the children share something that interests them each week. We are proud of all the children who have taken part so far for having the courage and the self-confidence to stand in front of the class for an hour.  We have been amazed by how much our children know about diverse subjects!




So far we have enjoyed an introduction to Pokémon, a cake decorating demonstration, a brilliant singing lesson, a presentation on Batman and a lesson on aeroplanes and flying. We are impressed by how well all the children have planned their lessons and the thought they have given to the activities they asked the class to complete.



Well done Class 4!


We Love Drama!


Our blog this week is brought to you by two of our children in Class 4. This is what they have to say about what we’ve been up to this week.

We enjoyed last week because we did a lot of drama and it was very fun to do. We were acting out a scene from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. One of us was playing the part of Demetrius and the other was Helena. In this scene, Demetrius is telling Helena to back off and leave him alone as he does not love her as she loves him. It was a weird situation for the two of us to be in because we are best friends and we never argue like that in real life! It was really fun to do it and we wish we could do it again!












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