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National Refugee Week




As you may be aware, this week is National Refugee Week.  For the past few weeks we have been exploring issues surrounding refugees and migration in our work. We were lucky enough to have Lacey’s mum come in and talk to us about her volunteer work with refugees, which we all found both informative and insightful. In English, we have been studying the book ‘The Island’ by Armin Greder and have used it to as our inspiration to create some really super dialogue. We have also created some blackout poetry using stories of refugees as our starting point. Blackout poetry is created by taking a text and then using  a black marker to black out some words until a new poem is formed. We had to choose which words to keep very carefully to ensure that our new poems not only made sense, but also told their own story.



We are also very proud of our artwork on this topic. As part of Nationl Refugee Week, the organisation Wellingborough Welcomes Refugees has set up an art compition. The hope was that creating art focusing on refugees, exile and migration would encourage participats to reflect on the issues and question how we can best take action.  With the help of Mrs Costello, we have managed to produce some really fantastic work. We are very proud of what we have created and the competition has also encoraged us to think about the subject in a new way.



Worry Dolls

As part of our topic on the Maya, we have been working with Mrs Costello to make our own worry dolls. Worry dolls are traditional dolls that have been made in Guatamala for generations. According to the Maya legend, when someone has a problem or worry they tell their worry to the doll and place the doll under their pillow at bedtime. The doll then takes the worry away, allowing the person to sleep peacefully and wake refreshed.


Traditional worry dolls are very small. Ours measure about 2 inches in height. There were many stages to making the doll. First, we used pipe cleaners to create the basic shape of the body, then we wove our own blankets using wool. Finally, we made heads for our dolls using needle felting and we sewed the cloth storage pouches.


We are all very pleased with what we have produced and think they look fantastic!


‘I loved making my worry doll’ said one Year 6 girl. While another boy commented ‘I can’t wait to take my worry doll home and see if it works!’


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Fri, 25 Sep 2020
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