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Hinduism and Buddhism Workshops


As you know, this week is World Religions Week at both Yardley and Denton. We have been lucky enough to welcome several visitors into our school and have enjoyed whole school assemblies about Sikhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism and Judaism.


On Tuesday, we were given the opportunity to take part in a workshop to learn more about Hinduism. Sunita Prasad led our session on Diwali, the Hindu festival of light. What a colourful and vibrant session it was! After the interesting video and talk, we had the opportunity to try some things for ourselves. We all had a fantastic time trying on the beautiful coloured clothes. We also made our own rangoli (sand art) and had the opportunity to examine some of the other objects Ms Prasad had brought with her. These included completed rangoli, Diwali cards, statues of Hindu gods and rudraksh (dried fruits made into beads). ‘I loved the dressing-up and all the lovely clothes worn for festivals’ said a year 6 girl.





On Thursday morning, we welcomed Mr Roy Leighton. He led a workshop where we found out more about the Buddhist way of life. We learned about the four main lessons from the Buddha – courage, compassion, energy and wisdom. We were encouraged to reflect on what it means to live in the present and took part in a brief meditation. ‘The meditation made me feel very calm and in the moment’ said one year 6 boy.







We are having an exciting time in English this term. Last week, we were introduced to our new topic of ‘Flotsam’. Our classroom was set up with six boxes containing lots of different items. Our task was to examine the contents of these boxes, discuss what we found and make inferences about who the flotsam might belong to. We then had to come up with a theory about that person based on the evidence in the boxes. This made for an exciting and lively English lesson! We all enjoyed examining the interesting things in the boxes and coming up with lots of theories about who the person was and how they lost their things. ‘It was a really fun lesson!’ said one year 6 girl.

We can’t wait to find out more!





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