Class 4

Welcome to our Class 4 page!



We had an exciting time on our latest move-up morning. We worked together on a variety of team challenges. First, we passed a ball around a circle without using our hands. Most of us used our necks but Teddy had the great idea of learning forward to create a platform for the ball with his back. It worked really well! Next, we linked our arms in groups and attempted to achieve a standing position. It was difficult but most groups hit upon a successful strategy. These tasks caused much hilarity! We all feel much more ‘bonded’ as a new class and are looking forward to September.



‘Trying to stand up was so funny – I almost fell over!’ said Seth. While Matthew B. enthused 'It was awsome!'

Move Up Morning


Last Wednesday was move up morning at Yardley. This meant that we had a very full Class 4. As well as our usual Years 5 and 6, we hosted Year 4 as well! We started the day with a quiz about the school and its staff. We all enjoyed working out the anagrams that revealed the first names of our teachers!

After break, we headed to a shady spot on the playing field to continue with team building tasks. This time, we were challenged to create a road for a toy car using only 2 plastic cups, a kitchen roll tube, 15 paperclips, 10 drinking straws, some card and masking tape. Some of us found this quite tricky but we all agreed that it was a very useful way to practise working in a team.



We are all  looking forward to welcoming Year 4 into our class in September. 'I think it will be really good to get to know them better!' said Maddie.

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