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Viking Day!


Wow – what a week it has been in Class 4! On Monday, together with Year 5 and 6 at Denton, we were lucky enough to take part in a Viking experience day. We all arrived dressed in Viking costumes – even the staff - and we spent the whole day learning what life would have been like for Vikings and Saxons during the Dark Ages. Did you know, for example, that the surname Viking boys were given depended on the first name of their dad? So, a boy called John with a father called Eric would be John Ericsson. We also learned that a Vikings could only expect to live until their mid-30s, which was partly why they got married so young.  Many of us were horrified by the idea of getting married at 11! We also found out lots of interesting facts about Viking clothes, food, laws and weapons.

We had a long time to examine many different artefacts including animal skins and clothing, jewellery, weapons and armour. For many of us, the highlight of the day was the afternoon, when we were given the opportunity to examine Viking weapons. These included a variety of swords, shields, spears and even chainmail. We were all surprised by how heavy the chainmail was and amazed that Viking warriors sometimes wore it for many hours at a time.

“It was an epic day!” said one Year 6 boy. While a Year 5 girl commented, “I know so much more about the Vikings now. They were very interesting and I can’t wait to learn more”.



Welcome Back!

A big welcome back to all in Class 4! We hope you had a fantastic holiday.


All the staff in Class 4 have been impressed by how enthusiastic and ready to learn the children have been this week. We celebrated our return to school by doing some really super work in English in the form of  ‘spine poems’. A spine poem can be used to describe an animal by travelling down its spine from its head to its feet. To create our spine poems, we took inspiration from some pictures of dragons. We had fun experimenting with a range of literary techniques to brainstorm, draft and edit our own poems. Look at our wonderful efforts below! We are looking forward to building on our success and working hard in English all term. 


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