Update 5/01/2020

Well, there is nothing like a bit of notice is there!! I am so sorry we have had to close but will now work to make the closure as productive as possible for all children and to provide you with as much remote learning support as we can.

As I said earlier, we will be ready with remote teaching as soon as possible today. We have a whole staff Zoom meeting at 9.15 and will have something to you by 11 am, if not before. We just need to work out the logistics of who is sending what and get any paper packs/resources ready for anyone who wants them.

We will, of course, be open to Critical Worker and Vulnerable children but would urge you, if at all possible, to keep them off today to give us chance to plan and ensure we have robust ‘bubbles’ that work educationally and logistically. If it is just not possible, because you need to go out to work, then we will be there!

We will send a Critical Worker request form first thing via email. We will get back to you by the end of the day with practical arrangements once we have a clearer idea of numbers. We will be open for all relevant children on Wednesday.

As I said before the first lockdown, please only use this provision if you really have to. The situation with the virus has clearly become very serious. By minimising the number of children in school, we reduce the chances of transmitting the virus in our setting to children and adults, increasing the chances for us to remain open for the duration of the lockdown.

I know you, and our staff, would prefer children to be in school and there will be a very strong temptation to send them to us where at all possible.  We have, however, learnt a huge amount from our remote teaching experience last time and are starting this phase with a much greater understanding of effective methods. We had hardly heard of the word ‘Zoom’ in March last year and it is now part of our daily routines! We are very much ready to pick up where we left off in the summer and our online presence will be visible, strong and supported by all staff, including Teaching Assistants.

We will not be open for Nursery today as we are still awaiting clarification that Nursery settings within a primary school are still open. There is some considerable confusion over this! Again, if you need our support because you absolutely have to go out to work, then we will help you out.

We will contact the parents of vulnerable children directly.