Update 10/12/2020

Our Theme Day yesterday was lovely and the children looked great in their festive jumpers! The day was definitely a little different this year and we missed not having you all in to help (and eat lunch!) but the children really enjoyed it and there was a lovely festive atmosphere around the school.

Thank you for your generous donations to FOYS. Due to quarantining the money, we are unable to give an exact total but will let you know as soon as we have one. The FOYS teams have been amazing this year, as always, raising an amazing amount for the school in very restrictive circumstances. Thank you to them for their incredible organisation and creativity and to you for your support.

You may have seen in the press over the last few days that the Department for Education have given schools the option to close a day earlier for Christmas. Contrary to reports in the media, this is not an additional day and we would need to lose a future training day. As such, I can confirm that we will not be doing this. I feel that this is incredibly short notice for many families, especially those who work, and we really value our training days as opportunities for professional development. I do not want to loose one of these days in the future. We will be open on Friday December 18th . The return date for children will be Tuesday January 5th. (We will have a staff training day as planned on Monday January 4th.)

I get fewer opportunities to chat to you all in person nowadays with staggered drops offs and no social events in school. Hopefully I will see many of you over the next few days but if I don’t get the chance, I hope you all have a very happy and healthy Christmas break.