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Class 4 Visit Yardley Arts

Yesterday, we were lucky enough to spend some time at Yardley Arts.

We all really enjoyed our visit and it was a great opportunity to learn more about art and some local artists. A lovely gentleman called Simon showed us around and explained each of the artist's work. You can see photos of each of the artist's statements below. We were all delighted to see a high level of engagement among the children, with plenty of raised hands and questions!

Afterwards, Simon Tipping took us outside and explained about reusable materials such as plastic. His aim is to use this material in a more creative and environmentally friendly way rather than it going to landfill sites.

“I really like the plastic sculptures because of their height,” said a year 5 boy.

“The jewellery looked so creative, I really liked it,” said a year 6 girl.

We would like to thank everyone at Yardley Arts for making our trip so educational and enjoyable. Special thanks must go to our initial contact Sally Pennycate and the two Simon’s who took time out of their busy schedules to explain the artwork.


Caldecott Trip

We’ve had a really exciting time in Class 4! Recently, we all took a trip to Caldecott to enjoy a fun-packed day at their outdoor adventure centre.

We all took part in three different activities to consolidate our SMART values. These were bushcraft, abseiling and canoeing. In bushcraft we learned how to make fires with flint and how to work cooperatively to design and make our own shelter. In abseiling we challenged ourselves first to put on all of the safety equipment, then to go to the top of the abseiling tower and finally to abseil down. Many of us completed all three challenges but we are equally proud of those of us who completed just challenges one and two. Simply going to the top of the tower and looking over the top requires great resilience and self-confidence if you are not keen on heights!

In canoeing, we worked together to steer the canoes. Several groups took part in races with other teams and some of us were even encouraged to paddle while standing up! The whole day was a great opportunity to get to know our new classmates, learn new skills, work cooperatively and challenge ourselves.


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