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Overnight Adventure!

What an exciting time we’ve had in Class 4! Last week we took a trip to Caldecott to enjoy an overnight stay at their outdoor adventure centre.

At the centre, we took part in a variety of new activities including archery, abseiling and kayaking. It was brilliant to spend time outdoors, learn new skills, work as a team and challenge ourselves. Several of us demonstrated great self-confidence and resilience by completing the abseiling task despite not liking heights.

We spent the night in a specially designed yurt. Again, this was an opportunity to show resilience as some of us had never spent a night away from home before. We all enjoyed a good night’s sleep – even if some of us did get up quite early!

We are all glad to have had such as fantastic opportunity.



As part of our DT work this term, we have been looking at time and clocks. This culminated in us making our own. We spent some time researching the history of time and different clocks – from the water clocks used by the ancient Greeks and ancient Egyptian sundials to modern atomic clocks and even Apple watches! Next, we spend time researching different clock designs and materials. We decided we would use correx as the basis of our clocks.

Our final step was actually making our clocks. This was great fun and we really enjoyed the opportunity to be creative! Some of us chose abstract designs while others decided to make a clock to reflect our interests or favourite hobbies. We took care to follow our designs closely and to use the most appropriate materials.

We think our clocks look amazing and we are so proud of them! What do you think?


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