Art Day!



We had a very exciting day yesterday. Some of us headed to Wellingborough School to take part in art activities. The rest of us stayed at Yardley to complete our own art project. Both groups spent the whole morning working on our designs – it was wonderful to have such a long stretch of time in which to be creative!

Those of us who went to Wellingborough spent the time working with clay. We were taught how to handle the clay and how to use tools to sculpt it. As Easter is fast approaching, our task was to make rabbits. We all had lots of fun and learned a great deal about how to work with this material. Wellingborough are kindly going to fire our creations for us and we hope to have them back early next term. We can’t wait to see how they turn out!



Back at Yardley, we also worked hard. We were each given a grid to work with and we used paint to create pictures that were a mixture of light and dark shades. We had fun mixing paints to create our own colours. We learned that adding white to a base colour makes the colour lighter and adding black makes the colour darker. We had lots of fun experimenting! We all worked carefully with tiny brushes to ensure that our grid designs were as neat as possible. Once our pictures were dry, we used felt pens to create patterns on each square.  



We had a further surprise when we got into class this morning. We hadn’t realised that all of our designs could be put together to create a fabulous mosaic of…..Harry Potter! What do you think? We think it looks amazing and are very proud of ourselves and what we have created.


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