Class 3

Welcome to our Class 3 page! 

Exploring Anglo-Saxons

This term we have been exploring the Anglo-Saxons, in particular, how their houses are constructed using natural resources.  We thought we would give it a go!  The children had to apply their learning to create a blue print and then use the world around them to construct their miniature versions.

Our trip to Piddington!

Did you know that we have an archeological site on our doorstep just a few miles away in Piddington? Class 3 spent the day learning about how the Romans used to dress, what made the Roman army so successful as well as looking at the life of a child in Roman Britain.  We also carried out some excavating and found pieces of flint and pottery. The flint is suspected to have been left from the Romans making tools or heads for arrows!

Curriculum Overviews