Class 3

Welcome to our Class 3 page! 

Ashby Cluster Hockey Tournament 2018

On Wednesday the 7th March, class 3 took part in the Ashby Cluster Hockey Tournament. We only had one team but we are happy to say that we reached the semi-final for our group and finished in 3rd place out of 8 teams. We won 2 games and lost 2 games but we are happy with our performance. Overall, we enjoyed ourselves very much.

Written by Jessica, Oliver and Lily W. 



Our Lace Making and Spinning Sessions

Class 3 had an amazing experience at the end of last term linked to their Victorian topic, when some ladies from the Olney Lace Circle came to visit.

We had lots of fun making lace in a traditional way. The bobbins were very fiddly but very pretty. The beads on the bobbins were as colourful as a rainbow. The Lace was very delicate and the stitches made really nice checked patterns. The pattern we followed was to make a snake bookmark. As a small task, we had to answer questions on a sheet and we also drew pictures of bobbins.

Our final experience was when Mrs Agnew visited and brought a spinning wheel with her which was lots of fun!

Written by Amelie and Ruby S.


Curriculum Overviews