Class 2

Welcome to our Class 2 page! 

Our trip to Mead Open Farm!

We had a wonderful day at the farm. The sun was shining and we began our day by all getting on the bus joined by Class 2 from Denton. When we arrived, we were all very excited by the glimpse of the ginormous play area called 'Topsy Turvy Towers'. We had a tour around the farm with our teachers and enjoyed seeing piglets, Pygmy goats, donkeys, ponies and huge cows! We even got to bottle feed some lambs and feed the goats with some special food which they ate out of our hands. They were very greedy!

We got to stroke some friendly bunny rabbits, and take part in a tractor ride which took us around the farm.

On the way home, we all felt very tired and even had a sleep on the bus! We had a fantastic day and we couldn't wait to tell everyone about it!



Class 2 become the teachers!

What a fantastic and busy term we have had! It has been lovely to end with everyone taking on the role of the teacher helping us all learn lots of new skills. We had a wonderful array of skills demonstrated by the children! We were all blown away by their efforts, preparation, enthusiasm and confidence. It is clear that there are lots of potential teachers in the making in Class 2. Here are some of the things we learned:

- How to save someone's life
- Hungarian, Spanish, German and Japanese  
- How to use Plus Plus to create a spinner
- History (WW1 and Titanic)
- Sports (Tennis, Cricket and Ballet)
- How to be a fortune teller
- Lots of demonstrations of how to draw
- How to floss
- What it is like to be identical twins
- Climbing Kilimanjaro
- Dinosaurs
- Phonetic alphabet
- 5 x table
- The human body
- How to play Happy Families



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