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Class 2

Welcome to our Class 2 page! 

Global Week - Gender

For our Global lessons this term, we have been looking at gender. Firstly, we looked at whether it is okay for boys and girls to play with the same toys. Next, we looked at job roles. We agreed that it was perfectly acceptable for any gender to do any job regardless of any stereotypes a job might have. We also looked at 'The Piggy Book' which demonstrated the different roles each family member has in the house. It was a very funny book! Finally, we looked at how boys and girls are treated in other countries through the story of 'Malala's Magic Pencil'. We are very lucky at our school as we are treated equally and have the same opportunities as each other.


National Poetry Day

Class 2 had a superb morning creating their own poetry. We were inspired by the book 'The Lost Words' by Robert Macfarlane and Jackie Morris. We focused on the poem 'Bluebell' where we looked at rhyming words, repetition and the image that the poem creates for us as readers. After looking at this, we created our own daffodil acrostic poem that repeated the theme of yellow. The teachers were blown away by the children's vocabulary and description. Take a look at our poem!

Diamond, yellow gems gleam in the sun

Arched over like a rainbow

Flowing streams of yellow

Fighting to get sunlight through the spiky, green trees

Orange bursts of colour in the middle

Down on the ground spreads a yellow sandy beach

In the wind, they wobble like jelly

Lots of yellow sprinkles shining in the sparkling Spring

Summer looks forward to the beautiful, golden daffodils