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An Afternoon in Africa

In Class 2, our topic this term has been Africa vs London. We have currently been comparing different countries and areas in Africa to the capital city of England. Over the past couple of afternoons, we have been thinking about life in Africa and how it differs from our own. We researched education in Africa, and we noticed that there are a lack of children that attend schools; especially girls. This made us feel very lucky that we have the right to a free education where we have lots of resources to help us learn. Additionally, we looked at what materials are used to build houses in Africa and how they are different from the houses we live in.

To gain a taste of Africa, we tried homemade 'Bobotie' which is a national dish of South Africa, and is a delicious mixture of curried meat and fruit with a creamy golden topping. We also created African outfits for people using a range of fabrics, patterns and paints.

Finally, over the term the children have been making African masks in art with Mrs Pritchard inspired by Tinga Tinga art. They have created mood boards full of ideas to inspire them to create their marvelous masks! Look out for them around the classroom!

Class 2's Chinese Theme Café!

''It was the best café I have ever been to!''

On Wednesday, Class 2 had the most wonderful afternoon hosting their own Chinese café open to parents, family and members of the local community.

In preparation for the café, children had designed lanterns, fans, placemats and other beautiful hanging decorations to embellish the room. They had also prepared food practicing key skills such as a chopping, grating and learning all about food hygiene. Children designed detailed menus and proverbs to go on the tables to give a real Chinese-feel!

When the café arrived, it was fantastic to see how professional everyone was and how well everyone communicated with each other including guests. Everyone took their role seriously and fulfilled their responsibilities successfully.

Our guests left the loveliest comments and we are so proud of you all! Well done Class 2.

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