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Looking at Our Locality

On a blustery and wet Tuesday afternoon, we managed to brave the wind and rain to take a trip around Yardley Hastings village. The aim of the walk was to familiarise ourselves with our surroundings, which links into our topic ‘Our Locality’. In particular we were looking for human and physical features. We started off by exploring the Pocket Park where we discovered many physical features, in particular the roaring sound of the wind through the trees. We used a music app called Acapella to record this and other sounds so that we could play them back on our return to school. We then ventured on through the village to the church where the children took the opportunity to sketch a number of different human features. The children had a fabulous time getting to know their local area and showed a good understanding of both human and physical features.

Our Locality!

We have kickstarted this term with our new topic 'Our Locality'. We began by looking at what is local in our community and how this compares with human and physical features around the world. The children have loved using Google Maps to explore Yardley Hastings and to find their houses nearby. This is going to prepare us for our walk around the village next week where we will identify human and physical features, record sounds to create a piece of music and finally, we will sketch drawings of our local area. 

In English, we have been working on 'The Gruffalo' by Julia Donaldson. This text links superbly to our topic as it is based on a character taking a journey through the woods similar to our walk we are going to go on through the village. We were greeted by a newsflash telling us a Gruffalo had left some clues on the school playground. It was the children's job to find these clues and discover who the Gruffalo is! The children are currently working extremely hard to create their own versions of the story focusing on their ability to improve the setting description. 

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