Class 2

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Delicious Fruits

This week we have been learning about healthy food, and why it's important to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. On Tuesday afternoon, we got the opportunity to try lots of different fruits - some we hadn't even heard of! We tried mango, apricots, blueberries, kiwi, grapefruit and papaya. We began by smelling the fruit and thinking about whether we'd enjoy eating it. We then tasted it, evaluating the texture and taste. Wren enjoyed the texture of the blueberries, saying the were "lovely and soft".

Most of us loved the tasted of the kiwi and apricots, however not many of us enjoyed eating the papaya! Oliver said "I didn't like the taste of the papaya as it was far too sour". Amelia agreed, saying "it was very bitter".

Let's hope we don't have papaya for our snack time any time soon!

We are investigators!

As part of our Growing Gardens topic, we have been investigating what plants need in order to grow and stay alive. As a class, we decided that we wanted to investigate whether or not plants needed air to survive. To do this, we planned a fair test using two plants. We planted two plants into their own pot and watered them. Then, we covered one with a plastic bag, to limit the amount of air that it gets. We then left the other plant outside to make sure it does get plenty of air.
To make sure our investigation was a fair test, we kept some things the same (such as how much water each plant got and how much sunlight it will get).

After we carried out our investigation, we made predictions. Esme said "I think the plant covered by the plastic bag will die". Ruby agreed, saying "I don't think the plant covered by the bag will live because it won't be getting any air".

We will continue to look at our plants over the next few days and see how they change. We'll then go on to investigate why plants need air to survive.

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