Class 2

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Funky Fruit Salads!

The children in Class 2 have been making their very own fruit salads as part of our topic, 'I'm Alive!'. The children learned about where different fruits are grown around the world and what seasonality is. Everyone designed the perfect fruit salad to make. The children were amazing at following instructions, using different tools and creating the perfect salad.

Well done everyone!


Jubilee Day and Global Week!

Class 2 have had a wonderful week celebrating the Queen's Platinum Jubilee and our 3rd Global Week 'Life on Earth'. 

In order to celebrate the Jubilee, the children had fun creating a portrait of the Queen. They worked on their drawing and painting skills by mixing different shades of blue. This was then followed by a scrumptious pincic and a maypole performance. Finally, we wrote letters to the Queen telling her all about our exciting day. 

To kick start our Global Week, we looked at the book 'Our World' by Nicola Davies. This story looks at different problems that different animals face on Earth such as losing their habitats to deforestation or dying due to eating plastic in the ocean. We looked at the consequences of these problems on animals and humans and how we can make a difference. We considered how we could stop deforestation by planting more trees and eating less meat so that the land would not be needed for cattle. We also used recycled plastic to create a 3D sea creature. The children loved designing and making these! Finally, we evaluated our creatures and showed them to the school in our sharing assessbly. We also wrote a letter to Mrs Brown persuading her to let us adopt a polar bear in order to make a difference in our world. We hope she says yes!

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