Class 2

Welcome to our Class 2 page! 

Animal Invasion!!!

Class 2 came in from lunch to see that there had been an Animal Invasion. They were wondering what on earth had happened! Around the classroom, they spotted animal footprints and animal artefacts. This was their introduction to their new English topic based on the book, 'Little Mouse's Big Book of Beasts' by Emily Gravett.

The children were amazed to see many different animals all over the classroom wearing items of clothing that you wouldn't normally see associated with an animal! There was a rhino wearing high heels, a crocodile brushing his teeth with toothpaste and a lion with gloves on.

After reading the book with Mrs McManus, the children went on to discuss why the mouse in the book had been making alterations to it. The mouse had added and changed parts to make the beasts less scary!

Getting Active Together!

To start off our new team, the Young Leaders Sports Crew from Class 4 joined us to teach us some new sports games. We enjoyed being outside playing lots of different games with them.

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