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Class 3 Hockey Success

It was a successful day for 6 of the children in Class 3 yesterday after they won the district Hockey finals, competing against 5 other primary schools.  They won 3-0, 3-0, 3-0, 5-2 and had a close match scoring 1-1 with Cogenhoe. 

The children developed a ‘fruit’ based code which they used to guide and direct each other during the games.  This proved effective at both securing the wins and confusing the other teams!  The codes were:  Apple = mark other player.  Banana = back in position.  Strawberry = stick down.  Orange = tackle.  Bruised Lemon = someone is hurt.  Coconut = nearly! Mango = win/victory

They reflected on their previous games and applied their school SMART values to improve their play – working as a team to pass the ball, saying well done to the other schools they played against and clapping the other teams after their games.

Well done Class 3!

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