Class 1

Welcome to our Class 1 page! 

Aliens Stole Our Pants!

We found something very strange in Class 1 this week! There was a washing line full of our pants!

Class 1 have been investigating this, using our Mission Control area, and have concluded that The Evil Pea waved magic dust over our aliens and they came to life and stole our pants!


We have been painting aliens, creating them with playdough and making alien head bands. We have also been building spaceships to fly into space to catch the aliens!

We have been using the story 'Whatever Next' to give us ideas about what we need to fly to the moon.


The Evil Pea is on the loose!

We have had a very exciting time in Class 1 this week! We have discovered a note from The Evil Pea and have had to become superheroes in order to save Supertato! We decided to build a Mission Control Centre so that we can investigate The Evil Pea and find a way to defeat him!

We have been busy making our superhero masks, capes and belts, building spaceships and investigating evidence left around the classroom using magnifying glasses and metal detectors.

We hope to defeat The Evil Pea soon as there may be more missions we need to complete!


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