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Class 1

Welcome to our Class 1 page! 

Woburn Safari Park

Yesterday the children in Class 1 joined Denton to visit Woburn Safari Park as part of our Africa topic. We saw lots of different animals enjoying the snow on our Guided Tour and then got to see penguins, snakes and even a red panda! We finished by having a session called All About Animals where we got to feel real zebra skin and cheetah fur! Take a look!

What a Mess!

The children came into Class One to discover a crime scene! Someone had been in, broken a chair, and spilt porridge all over the floor! The children became detectives and tried to work out who had made this mess! They thought about a list of suspects and looked carefully at the clues. They measured the footprints with blocks and discovered the footprints were five blocks long. They also looked carefully at the patterns in the footprints to try and find a match.

After a careful investigation the children came to the conclusion that it was Goldilocks!

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