Class 1

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Blast Off!

The children returned after the Christmas break to a rocket about to launch into space! They found a space station and a rocket in class. This was to launch our Talk for Writing topic of ‘Space’. The children have been really busy dressing up as astronauts, managing flying into space, creating aliens and making their own rockets. The children will continue with this by mapping a story of ‘The Way Back Home’ by Oliver Jeffers. We have also been learning about astronauts and looking at life and how they do simple things, like washing their hair, in space.

Have a look at our photos!



The Bee Keeper Visit

Class 1 have been learning all about bees this term as part of our Talk for Writing story ‘The Sleepy Honeybee’. We were very lucky to have a local bee keeper visit us and bring his bees! He showed us his bee and their portable hive. He told us that up to 50,000 bees can live in one hive in the summer and they collect nectar from flowers to make their honey. He also brought in some honey, for us to try, and his bee keeper suit, which some children got the opportunity to try on. He also brought in some old honeycomb so the children could look at it closely and know what it feels like.

It was such a lovely and informative visit, so thank you for visiting us!

“I liked trying the honey! It tasted sweet!” Sophia

“I did like looking at the bees.” George


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