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Who Broke Our Chair?

Class 1 came back to a crime scene in their classroom! They found footprints, a broken chair, and a porridge bowl. The children investiagted who had been in and cause such a mess.

They used their torches to search for clues around the classroom, they took children's finger prints, interviewed different people, and wrote a police report in order to find out what happened.

They discovered it was Goldilocks who had been in and broken the chair and eaten all our porridge. The children then began to create Wanted posters, which are stuck around the classroom, so you know who to look out for!

Boldog Karácsonyt

Last week, Class 1 and 2 came together to celebrate a Hungarian Christmas! The children learnt all about how people in different countries and people of different cultures, celebrate christmas in different ways.

The children began by cleaning their Wellie boots and placing them on the window sill, ready for St Nicholas to fill them if they had been good! The children were all very excited to have a look to see what he had brought them! They included gifts such as, Hungarian chocolates, oranges, chocolate coins, rubbers and christmas props!

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