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Jurassic Grill!

Last week, the children in Class 1 visited Jurassic Grill in Rushden Lakes as part of our Topic. We started by being shown the amazing dinosaurs inside the restaurant and learnt some super facts about them - the tyrannous rex even moved!

We then saw some real fossils and we even got to hold them. We saw a 'coprolite' which is a grown up word for fossilized dinosaur poo! We all found that very funny! We also saw three different ammonites, a fossilized fish and a megalodon tooth. 

Next, we had our lunch, which was super yummy! Then, the dinosaurs came out to play! We saw a triceratops called Trixie and even a baby dinosaur that had just hatched from their egg! 

We thoroughly enjoyed our trip, some of us even fell asleep on the way back to school! Take a look at our pictures :)

Tiger Tea Party

As a reward for all the children in Class 1 reaching the top of their learning ladder, we threw a Tiger Tea Party to finish our Topic. The children had been preparing all week by writing invitations to their teddies, making decorations for the classroom and making tiger marble cakes. On Friday morning, the children decorated their cakes and made tiger paper chains thinking about the repeating pattern.

The party started with cake and orange juice and then the games began! Then children had a little boogie and then played Musical Statues, Tiger’s Footsteps and Pin The Tail On The Tiger! It was a lot of fun and the children really enjoyed it. :)


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