Wow, wow, wow!

Wow, wow, wow! Class 2 have blown me away with how hard they have been working at home. I am so proud of each of you for your enthusiasm, creativity and resilience. The children have been extremely busy for the remainder of this term. We have been exploring fractions in maths where we have had to find 1/2, 1/4, and a 1/3 of a number, shape and amount. The children had a go at making pizzas and using their fraction knowledge, they had to put the correct amount of toppings on the pizza. We are just beginning to start looking at telling the time. It is wonderful to see many of you are so confident already! 

In English, we have been practising using a variety of punctuation and literary devices such as similes and alliteration. The children had to write a letter to Mrs Brown persuading her to buy us a class pet! Every piece of writing was a amazing and certainly persuaded me! Also, we have been looking at working on our ability to write creative stories. The children chose their own setting and characters which they drew and described beautifully.  

It is certainly clear that everyone in Class 2 has been busy having fun and learning new skills especially in Topic. The children have been working on their sewing skills and have created their own puppets. There has been a copious amount of baking going on from brownies to banana bread as well as creating 'egg mobiles' to go down a ramp! Also, the children have been completing experiments using items from around the house where they had to predict what they think might happen.

Finally, although we didn't get to go on our trip to Irchester Park, this certainly did not stop the children completing similar activities at home! It was great to see so many of you making cosy dens, drawing human and physical features in your garden and creating treasure maps whilst directing your family using compass directions to the prize.


Please keep up the wonderful work whilst having immense amounts of fun. I am missing you all lots and I cannot wait to see your smiley faces all again and hear about everything you have been up to! Well done Class 2 :)


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