Class 2's Judaism Workshop

Class 2 were very lucky to learn about Judaism as part of Religious Education week. 


We learned about Shabbat which is a day of rest. This is the perfect time to remember the creation of the heavens and earth and how it took God 6 days to make it. Jewish people start every Friday at sunset and finish on Saturday. They light 2 plain white candles and they drink Kosher wine and Challah bread in order to celebrate. Saturday also consists of praying at the Synagogue reading from the Torah Scroll, a delicious meal and an afternoon of rest. Jewish people will not even drive, cook or touch money on this day. The end of Shabbat is called Havdallah. A cup of wine is poured on the plate, so that it spills happiness and joy onto the next Shabbat.


We also discovered that Jewish people are only allowed to eat certain foods. This includes no pork, only fish with fins and scales and no shellfish.


Finally, we had lots of fun trying the bread and wearing the Kipah (which means a God is above you).

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