RSPCA Fundraising Day

It had been discussed by the school council about supporting a charity either an animal or a human charity. The school council decided that the best and fairest way to choose a charity would be to have a school debate and then for each child to vote on which type of chairty they would like to support. After the debate, the school councillors counted the votes and revealed to the school that the majority vote was to support an animal charity.

The school councillors then came together and thought of lots of different animal charities that they could possibly support. The charity chosen was RSPCA. The councillors came up with the idea of everyone coming to school one day whilst dressing up as their favourite animal.

On Friday 13th July, the children at Yardley Hastings Primary School held a fundraising day to raise awareness and money for the RSPCA. Mrs McManus led a assembly about the RSPCA to make the children more aware of what they do. The children also showed off their costumes to one another.

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