Emergency Closure Page

If the school management team believe that we are of will experience weather conditions that would force the school to be closed, we send details home with the children which will help you to get the information that you require quickly.

Northamptonshire County Council will have up to date information on school closures on their website.  You can find full information at the link below.

School Closures Northamptonshire County Council Link


You can also listen to the following radio stations who will broadcast lists of those schools affected:

BBC Radio Northampton - 104.2 & 103.6 FM
Heart Radio in Northamptonshire (formerly Northants 96) -  96.6 FM
Connect 97.2 & 107.4 FM
Fox 102.6 and 97.4 FM

We will also place information on the school website and use the text service where possible.

Where use our website to display  'Emergency' banners, similar to the demonstration above. such banners will be on the top of our home page. These will only be visible when a particular emergency or other important information has to be provided.

Using one of these methods is likely to be less time consuming for you than trying to reach us on a very busy phone line.

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