Class 2

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Making Fruit Salad

After evaluating the taste of different fruit, we have designed and created our own fruit salad. We were able to choose from four different fruits to include in our salad and had lots of fun creating a design to show what it would look like. Whilst planning our fruit salad, we thought carefully about what fruit to put in and why, and what tools we would use to help us make it. Once we had all finished our designs, we were able to make our delicious fruit salad! We discussed how to prepare fruit and the importance of washing our hands before touching food. We practised lots of preparation skills, such as chopping and slicing. We then beautifully arranged our fruit salad to match our design. We had a great time making fruit salad, especially in the end when we were allowed to eat it! 


Delicious Fruits

This week we have been learning about healthy food, and why it's important to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. On Tuesday afternoon, we got the opportunity to try lots of different fruits - some we hadn't even heard of! We tried mango, apricots, blueberries, kiwi, grapefruit and papaya. We began by smelling the fruit and thinking about whether we'd enjoy eating it. We then tasted it, evaluating the texture and taste. Wren enjoyed the texture of the blueberries, saying the were "lovely and soft".

Most of us loved the tasted of the kiwi and apricots, however not many of us enjoyed eating the papaya! Oliver said "I didn't like the taste of the papaya as it was far too sour". Amelia agreed, saying "it was very bitter".

Let's hope we don't have papaya for our snack time any time soon!

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