Class 1

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A Real Bear Hunt Adventure!

This week in Class 1, we went on our very own bear hunt! We walked to Wilson's Wood and did a variety of activities. We sang the bear hunt song the whole way there!

We have been using 'We're Going On A Bear Hunt' as part of our topic, exploring different environment.


 We had lots of fun building bear caves using natural materials, spotting different plants and trees, making leaf rubbings, and listening very carefully to all the different sounds we could hear.

"We made a cave and then the bear was there eating an apple! I liked it!" Rowan



Handa's Surprise

This term, in Class 1 we are exploring different environments and how they contrast with where we live. To do this we have, so far, read the story of Handa's Surprise, about a girl who lives in an African Village.

Here are a few images of our children acting out the story in our outdoor area.

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