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An amazing amount was raised last year by FOYS and your continued support!  The children of Yardley Hastings Primary School have benefitted hugely with the following resources having been purchased:

Pirate Ship in playground

Coaches for pantomime/outings

Software for IPads

New wendyhouse in playground.

Many new books for the children to take home as part of the new reading scheme to read with their families.



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Cake Stall on the last day of each term!

3 Ways to Help

Of course we'd love you to join the FOYS committee and come to our meetings. So we'd really appreciate any offers of support e.g baking for a cake staff or coming to an even.  The main thing is ALL HELP IS APPRECIATED!  Here are a few ways you can support your school:

1.  Employer Schemes

Does your employer offer a match funding scheme where they match the amount raised by charity (e.g. Barclaycard)?  Or perhaps they'd like to raise publicity by sponsoring an event or donating funds.  If so, please get in touch.  

2.  Shop Online

Please go to, select 'Friends of Yardley Hastings' as your chosen charity, and use the links to shop at over 2,700 retailers inc. Tesco, John Lewis and Amazon.  Every time you shop, the retailer donates to FOYS (anything rom 1% to 10%).  It's free to use so you don't pay anything extra. 


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