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Remembrance Day Assembly


I am sure you have all seen the beautiful display of poppies at the front of the school. Thanks to a wonderful team of hardworking parents, each child made at least one poppy for our Remembrance Day Assembly. We were really pleased that so many parents, carers, friends and family were able to join us on this important occasion and hope that you felt as moved as we did when the children sang and spoke about the brave soldiers who fought for our country. We also enjoyed the reading of a poem and some beautiful bell ringing from our Year 6 children, led by Mrs Dyson, which really set the tone for our assembly. It was a very special afternoon to mark a very special event in history.


I have received many emails for members of the public and passers-by who have commented on the beauty of the display. Many have said how pleasing it is that our school has committed to remembering the bravery of all soldiers and to ensuring such a key moment in history is remembered, learnt from and commemorated by all members of our school community.


Thank you also to Yardley Arts, who provided the silhouette of the soldier that accompanies the poppy display. We are very pleased to be working with Yardley Arts to enhance the art provision for children in the school. Last week, all of the Key Stage Two children had the opportunity to learn some observational drawing skills using the Yardley Arts facilities and expertise. The resulting work and exhibition were very impressive and it was lovely to see so many parents as they opened their doors on Thursday morning.


Thank you to all of you who called in for ‘Cake and Catch Up’ on Friday and to support the FOYs second hand book sale. It was great to talk to you and hear you views. We will hold another one after Christmas but, in the meantime, please remember ‘my door is always open’ and I would love to hear from you!





Modern Foreign Languages Day

We have had another very busy couple of weeks and are thoroughly enjoying the SMART activities and days that we have incorporated into our curriculum.

Modern foreign languages day was a huge success. The morning French café to start our day was incredible and definitely set the tone for the day; we sold an amazing 120 croissants and pain au chocolats! The engagement of the children was wonderful. All the groups were of mixed age and ability and it was lovely to see older children looking after younger ones and children of different abilities supporting each other learning about new languages and cultures.

I was hugely impressed by the learning that was demonstrated in the end of the day sharing assembly and very proud of how many children could explain the SMART values they had demonstrated through the day. Self-confidence was certainly in abundance as children tried to speak new vocabulary and phrases; some were adventurous enough to share them in assembly!  I loved the comment from the little girl who said:

‘I have been reflective because I have been thinking about all the things I have learnt today and how I may use them again.’

Many thanks to all the parents who came in to share their languages. By the end of the day we had learnt some Spanish, Hungarian, Italian, German, Russian, Albanian, French and Polish.

A truly memorable day that we shall definitely repeat.