Social Media- Good or Bad?

Social Media- Good or Bad?

Perhaps one of the greatest changes to all of our lives over the last few years has to have been the ease at which we all access the internet at any time of the day or night. In fact I sometimes think that we are slowly losing the art of communication! If you have travelled on the tube recently, have you looked around and noted how many people are glued to their mobile phones? Or eaten in a family restaurant to see so many children being entertained by their tablet?

There again, isn’t it wonderful to be able to google an answer to that annoying query that would in the past have puzzled you all day?

How many of us thoroughly enjoy keeping in contact with family and friends and indeed make new friendships through this platform? For most people it is a very welcome addition to their lives. However as a Head of a school I have to think, first and foremost, of the safety of our children and respect the views of each of you.

As you are aware some schools have a total ban on parents taking photographs and film but my personal view is that these are very special snapshots of your children’s lives and I would hate to deprive anyone of these experiences. As I explain at each event we only agree to this on the strict understanding that these photographs are for your personal use and not to be shared on any form of social media.

We already ensure that we have your permission to use your children’s photographs on the web site and fully respect those of you who do not give this permission.

When we launched our new web site we did include a Twitter feed and although we discontinued it in the light of a couple of parental concerns I have recently been approached by several parents who would like this facility to be included again and miss seeing the daily happenings of the school.

I really would welcome your views. After the term break we will be sending out a short survey to see if we can gain a majority view. In the meantime however if you would like to drop me a line or grab me in the playground please do.

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