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Welcome back – I hope you all enjoyed a lovely sunny break- for once the weather behaved itself, the sun shone and the rain waited until we returned to school!

I also hope that you enjoy our updated website and I would welcome any feedback, good or bad!

We have all been shocked by the recent terrorist events and the Manchester bombing, in particular, was difficult for some of our older pupils as Ariane Grande is a firm favourite of some.

It is clear that unfortunately the internet played a large part in some of the actions of the perpetrators of these recent atrocities and although we all recognise, and enjoy, the huge benefits it brings, we must be also aware of its negative aspects.

I make no excuse therefore, for yet again bringing to your attention the importance of monitoring children’s usage of the internet. I was recently told of a site that some of our younger children may be using – a little like a child’s Facebook site called Roblox- and could inadvertently be giving out too much information.

At school we regularly teach safe internet use but I would appreciate that you too, monitor their usage carefully.

I have included a couple of links below that you may find useful.

Does your kid play Roblox? Every parent should read this


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