Class 4

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Running Wild

Last week, we enjoyed an exciting trip to the theatre to see ‘Running Wild’. The show is based on the Michael Morpurgo book of the same name which we have looked at together in class. We have also been working  in groups to produce posters on the effects of palm oil production and tsunamis, both of which are prominent themes in the play.

Issy said, ’It was very dramatic when the tsunami came.’

Matthew M commented, ‘The puppetry was really good. As we got further into the play I didn’t even notice the puppeteers anymore as I was so immersed. It was really clever!’

While Finlay noted, ‘I learnt a lot about the effects of palm oil production and about how poaching is a very serious issue. I will be much more aware of palm oil in the products I use.'

We Visit Nissan and Magistrates Visit Us!

We have had a busy time in Class 4!

Last Monday, we enjoyed an exciting trip to the Nissan Testing and Development Centre in Cranfield. We took part in their Monozukuri Caravan, which is a hands-on interactive workshop. We used Knex to build and race our own cars and had an opportunity to explore Nissan’s testing facility. We particularly enjoyed looking at the cars that had been used in crash testing and visiting the foam-filled room that is used to test the noisiness of cars.

We had a really interesting day learning about how cars are designed and tested and many of us have been inspired to consider STEM careers.




Later in the week, as part of PSHE, we had a visit from some magistrates. It was fascinating to hear all about the law and court system and we all learnt a lot. We then staged a mock trial. Our defendant and witnesses were very convincing and our magistrates were very fair!



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