Class 4

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Cadbury World



Last week we were delighted to have the opportunity to visit Cadbury World. We have spent the term studying Maya civilisation as part of our topic work so the trip was a great opportunity to learn more about this ancient culture.


We began by taking a self-guided tour around the exhibition. This was all about the history of chocolate. The exhibition started in the jungles of Mesoamerica and we learned how the Maya and Aztec peoples used cocoa beans as currency. Next, we moved on to Victorian times where we read all about how the Cadbury family started their chocolate factory. There were some very cool holographic displays which we all enjoyed!


Next, we were able to learn about how chocolate is made. We had a very interesting talk about how chocolates were made before factories. We also saw some modern production methods for ourselves.


After lunch, we headed to the education room where we were given an interactive talk on Maya civilisation. We all learned some fascinating new facts about how the society worked, in particular about the Maya relationship with their gods. We all enjoyed the audience participation!


Finally, we were lucky enough to watch what was the highlight of the trip for many – the 4D experience! We all wore 3D glasses and the seats moved as well. We all enjoyed diving into a bowl of melted Cadbury Dairy Milk, riding the Crunchie rollercoaster and taking to the skies in a Cadbury Creme Egg airship!


The Big Bang!




Yesterday we braved the adverse weather to attend the Big Bang @ Northants. The Big Bang Near Me is a UK-wide programme led by Engineering UK to bring science and engineering to life for young people.


We had a fantastic time. We had the opportunity to visit a number of exhibits – many of which were hands-on. Between us, we tried out hands at leathercraft, programming, robotics and photography among other things.


We then participated in a workshop; the ‘Mousetrap Balloon Show’. This was an interactive science workshop exploring simple machines, including levers, screws and pulleys. The workshop linked really well with our current science focus on forces. We learned about how gravity and friction have an effect on how machines work. It was also fun as the workshop used balloons and lots of audience participation to demonstrate how the machines worked – we also enjoyed the fact that (unlike school!) we were encouraged to call out. We all had a great time and many of us have been inspired to consider STEM careers. ‘The balloon show was really fun and entertaining, I learnt that anything can be a lever' said Bella. While Finley added, ‘I found out that big machines are made up of lots of little machines.’





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