Class 3

Welcome to our Class 3 page! 

Outdoor Maths!!!

Year 3 have been learning outside this afternoon! They played a maths game called "Bishop's Move." 

The children split into two teams. One group were the black counters and went one side of the board and the other group were the white counters and went the other side. The aim of the game was for the counters to get to the other side of the board. They could only move diagonally. Just like a bishop in Chess.

The only rules were not to jump over another counter or land on a space that another counter was already on!



Welcome back to the Year 3's.

This week, we have welcomed back the Year 3 children for the week.

The marquee has been split into two rooms and is now the Nursery classroom and Year 3 classroom. The Nursery children are learning all about Pirates and the Year 3 children are learning about Ancient Egypt.

The school is starting to fill up and each classroom now has a year group bubble in it.


The Year 6 children are back in school for their last few weeks of primary school and are using the hall as their classroom. 


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