Wonderful Women!

So far this term, we have been exploring a range of famous women who have had an impact on the world we world we live. We have looked at Florence Nightingale, a influential nurse who changed hospital conditions for soldiers during the Crimean War through comparing hospitals today and from the past, exploring the continent of Europe and her hometown, Italy. This involved eating pizza of course! Learning about women in this context has been fantastic for helping the children describe female characters in their writing too!

Frida Kahlo has been another wonderful woman we have looked at. Class 2 have worked on creating their own portrait based on the work of Frida. As well as this, we have looked at the continent of North America and Frida's hometown, Mexico. Finally, we have discovered Mariana Costa who trains women with limited resources to gain access to a career in ICT in South America.

In music, Class 2 have been exploring different female composers and musicians and working on using their voices expressively through chants and rhymes. In PE, we have been creating our own dance routines to a range of stimuli thinking about movement, timing and how we can transition effectively to each section of the routine.

As part of learning about the global community, we have been thinking about our rights and responsibilities, what fairness means and should we look after the world we live in? It has been lovely to hear everyone having such a considerate way of thinking and showing that they are really keen to change the way people treat our environment. The Harvest Festival was a great way to showcase the children's outstanding costumes made out of recycled materials!

After half term, we will be looking at a famous, female chef from Australia where we will create our own healthy meal, and we will look at lots more empowering women!


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